Windows of Opportunity aims to provide information on when a child is most ready to acquire certain skills. It is vitally important for caregivers to understand that their response to the learning needs of a child aged between 0 to 48 months will hugely impact on a child’s emotional, social and intellectual development. Should a child’s learning be neglected the child may display a lack of emotion and attachment and may not develop to their full potential.

The discussion sheet provides an in-depth look at how these windows can be opened to enrich a child’s learning. It provides four practical ways a caregiver can be consistent in their approach. A child has the full potential to thrive in his or her environment and this can take place if the described tools are applied to the living environment of a child.

Learner Outcomes

By the end of this session caregivers will:

– Use the windows of opportunity chart to assist the child’s learning.

– Apply both practical and verbal tools to support a child’s learning.

– Respond appropriately to the child’s developmental stage, understanding that this may or may not be the same as their biological age.

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