We heard what you told us and we are rebranding!

CFA Logo

Fostering Kids New Zealand is changing its name and its look! For a long time now, children in care have been telling us they don’t like being called ‘foster children’ and many of our members have told us they don’t consider themselves as ‘foster parents’.  Caring Families Aotearoa, better reflects our membership. We support, train and advocate for a wide range of caregivers; whanau/kin caregivers, foster caregivers, respite caregivers, Grandparents raising Grandchildren and permanent (home for life) caregivers. Caregivers, stakeholders, and fellow organisations have also told us that as we have grown, we’ve outgrown our name.

Our plan started simply enough: we wanted a name we were proud of, shows that our purpose is to support you to ensure your children are healed hot held, that we are there with you every step of the way, that we enable you through knowledge and advocacy, and that we’re the champions of all carers in Aotearoa and the children you’re caring for. We are excited about the change and the new opportunities.

Our Brand Story

Caring Families Aotearoa exists to support the thousands of children in care in Aotearoa, by supporting their caregivers. Caregiving is a broad term – it covers anyone raising a child that isn’t born to them. This includes foster caregivers, whanau caregivers, respite caregivers and permanent (home-for-life) caregivers. No matter the circumstances, we are here to enable the caregivers of New Zealand to provide real homes, and real families, for children. It’s not about finding a place for kids to be held, it’s about creating a home where they can be healed.

Every care journey is different. There will be ups and downs, detours and snags – we don’t have a road map that works for all. What we do have is over 40 years of experience which we share with caregivers. We have real, proven techniques to teach carers so they don’t feel lost or abandoned. We’re here to educate, empower and empathise with caregivers so, together, we can navigate the journey they’re on. Every journey is different, but our goal is always the same: the best outcome for kids in care.

Every child in care has unique needs, and a child’s journey into a care family often starts with trauma. The support these kids often need can make caregivers feel isolated and exhausted, so at our core is a real sense of community and connection. We want to connect our caregivers with each other so that nobody has to walk their journey alone. We’re here to be the champions of caregivers, to support them, advocate for them, and celebrate them.

Our New Visual Identity

The central thinking behind this design is unity and support. The Koru element traditional represents growth, rebirth and a deep connection to earth. The joining of these two icons represents unity between Caring Families Aotearoa and caregivers.

CFA Logo

We are excited to move forward with our new name and brand, and what opportunities this update will bring. Our services and support will all continue to operate as normal, and you can expect the same service that you have received from us as Fostering Kids New Zealand. The work you do as caregivers is extraordinarily crucial, and we hope that our new look reflects our commitment to support you along the way.

Over the upcoming weeks we will be updating all our resources and everything will be changing to Caring Families Aotearoa. Keep an eye out for our new website, training resources, Facebook pages and Snippets. If you forget and send us an email to @fosteringkids.org.nz, don’t worry we will still receive it. As well as our new name our National Office has moved – we are now at Level 4, Forsyth Barr Tower, 45 Knights Road, Lower 

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