In keeping with one of the L’Oreal Foundation’s key values of supporting the community, L’Oreal New Zealand has supported Fostering Kids since 2007.

L’Oreal has a sincere interest in helping improve the lives of children in foster care, and each year explores new ways of helping.

2007 – L’Oreal’s Professional Product Division gave money to provide for First Aid training to fostering families.

2008 – Through Fostering Kids, L’Oreal awarded a $2,000 contestable Hair Scholarship with the money going towards paying for a young person in foster care to study at Hairdressing College. The fortunate recipient had been placed in full time foster care at two years old.  With just two long term placements with foster parents, she grew into a responsible teenager with an interest in horses, athletics and art, and a clear sense of direction towards a career in hairdressing. This success story illustrates the importance of stability by minimising moves from one foster home to another.  Fostering Kids and L’Oreal are committed to doing everything possible to support foster families – because this reduces the number of home shifts and is a positive step towards successful futures for foster children.

2009 – The year of the L’Oreal New Zealand Centenary, L’Oreal sponsored a two day “Explore Your Future” workshop for fostered teens 16-18yrs in their last year of education prior to job hunting.  Participants loved it!!!

2010 – A second successful workshop for teens in foster care was held.  The teenagers heard from inspirational speakers like Ron Mark and All Black Ali Williams.

Honorable Ron Mark and former Mayor of Carterton, a foster child, was an inspiration to the teenagers – some of whom shed a tear at the similarities with their own lives and the realisation that ‘Attitude DOES equal Altitude’.

Because of the success of these workshops  L’Oreal now hold them every year and the event is now called “Face Your Future” for more information on these workshops and information on how to register please click here