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Mere Kirihimete from the Upper South

As we quickly approach the holiday season I am reminded as to why I should have had things planned earlier in the year! The weather all over the region has been stunning and hot already, the kids are getting tired, the BBQ needs cleaning, we can find the picnic table but not the legs and the calendar looks like we need 40 hours in a day. But it is also a time of reflection and an opportunity to give thanks to the amazing, selfless caregivers out there who have such huge hearts for what you do. Christmas time is of course a joyous, precious time for families, but for those that we care for it can also be sad, lonely, and confusing with split loyalties and behaviours that our kids don’t truly understand.

Take extra care during this time, enjoy your families and when possible give those who need that little extra understanding a few more minutes of you to stand with them.

I will be on annual leave from December 19, 2017 until January 22, 2018 and I look forward to seeing you all after the break. During this time, should you require URGENT support, please contact 027 369 3323 and leave your name and contact number.  These messages will be checked on a regular basis.

Ka kite


It has been a busy term but I am appreciative of the caregivers that have taken the time and been committed to attending Fetal Alcohol and Life Story learning groups in both Blenheim, Westport and Greymouth. We will continue to offer discussion sessions and new and updated workshops next year. I do hope that you can take the opportunity to build skills and network with other carers by attending at least one or two a year. The training schedule is now live on our website. Please take the time to have a look at what we are offering in Term One. Click here for details and to register.

Fishing Day at the Appleby ponds

What a fabulous end of year event, hosted alongside Oranga Tamariki. The weather was perfect even if the fish were a little harder to hook this year.

There was plenty of smiling faces and goodies for both young and less young. Many thanks to our Nelson-Tasman Association, Jennie and Stephen, Amy and Sharon for the organising of this event. Oranga Tamariki for the lovely gifts and Susan and Janette who joined us for the morning.


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