Upper North News – May 2017

Hi everyone

I hope you had a fabulous Easter break and are not too exhausted now that the children are heading back to school for Term Two.

To My Foster Parents with Love

I came into your lives a lost and lonely child,

Full of anger and resentment,

Overwhelmed with fear and confusion.

Yet you took me into your home, your lives, and your hearts.

From the very beginning you tried to make me feel welcome and wanted.

Though I fought you each step of the way you never gave up on me.

Instead you patiently and lovingly took me under your wings,

protecting, guiding and shaping me.

Showing me love and understanding.

Giving freely and openly the praise and affection I so desperately needed.

All the while expecting nothing in return.

As days turned into years you were still there

Making me feel safe and secure,

treating me with respect and fairness,

pushing me to be the best I could be.

And still, there I was fighting you.

Oh, the pain and heartaches you endured at my hands.

Yet there you stood, firm and unwavering.

Never walking away, never giving up.

Always loving me no matter what the cost.

All these years later as I look at my own children

I realize just what you saw and still see when you look at me.

Your Daughter!

I love you.

Copyright © Karen Cummings


We are getting information slowly through about the new organisation; Oranga Tamariki, Ministry for Vulnerable Children. I know many of you have expressed interest to me and we will pass on information to you as soon as it comes to hand.


If you have questions, please contact myself or Fostering Kids NZ national office and we will support you to find your answers. 

Nga Mihi

Judi Oliver

Upper North Regional Coordinator

Cell: 027 566 0294

Email: uppernorthsupport@nullfosteringkids.org.nz

Association News

The Kaitaia association is still looking for a volunteer secretary/treasurer who will also be a key contact person. Please contact Margaret, Frank or Heather if you might be interested.


Our trainings have been well attended this year, and they seem to be a great day out. We have been getting feedback saying that they are beneficial to caregivers. It is great that you are socialising, sharing understanding and learning from each other as well as the formal learning that is occurring.

We have our usual four training sessions for Term Two.  – Two in Whangarei and one in both Kaikohe and Kaitaia.

https://fosteringkids.net/schedule/schedule.php  Check out this link for workshops, dates and locations. Please register as we do appreciate knowing in advance how many caregivers are coming along.


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