Upper North News – June 2017

Hi everyone,

I hope you are keeping warm and cosy and enjoying the time reading or watching DVDs in our cooler three months.  I am compiling a list of DVD’s and books that are interesting and relevant to foster carers and children/young people in care. If you know of some titles please email me and I will put them on my list.  I’ll then make the list available to everyone.

If you have questions, please contact myself or Fostering Kids NZ national office and we will support you to find your answers. 

Nga Mihi

Judi Oliver
Upper North Regional Coordinator
Cell: 027 566 0294
Email: uppernorthsupport@nullfosteringkids.org.nz

Association News

Kaitaia Cosy Nests Association is looking for a secretary to help with the small (it really is not a lot of work) amount of administration work they have to do, and to help organise meetings, take notes etc. and put them on the Fostering Kids NZ system.

If you are interested in putting your hand up for this, please contact Margaret and Frank Nukunuku on 0223283480.  If you have any ideas for fun get togethers for local foster carers please let Frank and Margaret know as well.

We’re sad to announce that Heather Andrews has stepped down as a Key Contact person as she is having a break from foster caring at the moment. Heather has been working away in the background since the Association started in Kaitaia four years ago.

On Tuesday 27th of June 2017 we will be having an Association meeting, where we will farewell Heather and thank her for all her support and hard work. This will be held during the lunchtime of our training in Kaitaia.


I am wondering how many people might be interested in attending our trainings on a Saturday.   Please let me know if you are interested in this at uppernorthsupport@nullfosteringkids.org.nz and we will organise it. 

Term Two Training opportunities:

20th June 17 – Understanding & Managing Behaviour, Whangarei

27th June 17 – Identity & Belonging, Kaitaia

If you are interested please go to the link to register: https://fosteringkids.net/schedule/schedule.php



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