Updates to Oranga Tamariki Policies

There have been updates to a number of Oranga Tamariki policies including the Caregiver support policy and the Allegations of abuse, neglect, or harm of tamariki by caregivers policy.

You can see the policies here:

Caregiver Support Policy: https://practice.orangatamariki.govt.nz/policy/caregivers-support-and-review/

Allegations of abuse, neglect, or harm of Tamariki by Caregivers Policy: https://practice.orangatamariki.govt.nz/policy/allegations-against-caregivers/

Did you know

Did you know that when a child is first placed with you, your Caregiver Social Worker will visit you once a week for the first four weeks of this placement. Then at least once every eight weeks thereafter?

This is to ensure that you are feeling supported through the transition of a new placement, the contact will focus on:

  • child safety interests and wellbeing
  • the progress of the plan for te tamaiti
  • how they are managing te tamaiti (e.g. settling in, transitioning, behavioural issues)
  • what is working well and areas where there are issues or challenges
  • contact with parents and whānau, and maintaining whānau connections
  • any support they require to deliver safe and appropriate care
  • the caregiver’s personal learning and development plan.

This is a positive change to ensure caregivers are receiving the right supports to strengthen the stability of placements.

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