This newly written workshop replaces Understanding and Managing Behaviour.

“Connection before Correction.” We will explore the principles of trauma informed caregiving practice and how this relates to behaviours. We will also look into how therapeutic caregiving supports tamariki (children) to heal and thrive. The main principle of this is through the connection before correction principle. Find out how this can transform or build on what you are doing now in your home.

Learner Outcomes:

  • We will explore how our past experiences, culture and beliefs influence our view on behaviour.
  • We will build the understanding of how regulating behaviour using the connection before correction principle transforms our relationships with children.
  • We will explore and define the current view of trauma and how this affects many aspects of the child’s wellbeing and development.
  • We will look at 12 tips for Therapeutic parenting.

Please note; there is an additional workshop which looks more closely at some of the differences in working with adolescent behaviours for those involved in caring for youth.


You can register online Here.

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