90 Minute Discussion Sessions

The discussion sessions are delivered informally to a small (4-10) group of carers, often in a carer’s home. They provide a variety of useful and practical information during a 90-120 minute period with a small workbook for carers to take home as an on-going resource. Some of the topics include: Keeping Memories, Foster Care 101, with new topics coming soon. For further details on these sessions, scroll to the bottom of the page.

The discussion sessions are an opportunity to:

  • Provide carers with peer support
  • Provide relevant and up to date information on a specific topic
  • Encourage the carers to attend the full one day workshops and / or other training opportunities
  • Provide a focus for association meetings

To find out when the next discussion session is happening in your area, or if you would like one of these sessions at your next association meeting or foster care group meeting, please contact your local Regional Coordinator.

If you have an issue or topic of interest you would like developed into a 90 minute module, please contact the Training Manager on training@nullfosteringkids.org.nz

Session: Keeping Memories

Session Description:
“Life story work is regarded as a therapeutic tool and is underpinned by theory about separation and loss. Most children in care gain a great deal from talking about their past, present and future. A life story book is an attempt to connect the child to their past life through discussions and the gathering of information so they can go forward into the future with this knowledge.”                   (CYF Practice Centre)

Learner Outcomes:

  • Carers will create a life story book / memory box for every child placed in their home
  • Children transitioning from care will have accurate information to take with them

Session: Foster Care 101

Session Description:

This session introduces the care roles, resources and supports. Carer Support is an integral factor in providing improved outcomes for children and young people and in the delivery of care.   Carer support is defined as those resources, processes and mechanisms that contribute to assisting all carers in undertaking their role in providing care for children and young persons placed in their home.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Carer can access entitlements and supports as required
  • Carer works within relevant care policies and practices
  • Carer attends ongoing training opportunities