The Importance of Play

We are very excited to introduce a new one day workshop to the National Caregiver Training Programme.

The workshop will discuss how early learning is the core of social relationships, creativity and innovation. It will look at different play experiences and how these contribute to a child’s development and potential.

Caregivers will have the opportunity to explore different tactile experiences so that they have a deeper understanding of the play experiences of the children in their care. This will help support the connection, relationship and build a secure base. Play is for all – from infants to toddlers, to young children, to adolescents, to adults… you are never too old to play!

Author of the workshop, Sally Moffat says “Play is vital to a child’s social and emotional growth”.  Sally worked in the Early Childhood Education sector for 30 years and is now the Programme Manager for Caring Families Aotearoa (subsidary of Fostering Kids NZ).

“​The living and learning that happen through play offers each child their best chance for health, happiness, and success in education and living – both now and in the future.” Pennie Brownlee.

The workshop will be run during school hours (9am – 3pm) and delivered by your Regional Coordinator.  Training dates for Term Two will be out in early April, keep an eye on your inbox.


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