Register a Support Group

A support group is made up of like minded people who want to get together regularly and support each other. There can be more than one group in an area and a group can be either open or closed.  An open group is one that we will advertise on our website and welcome new members.  A closed group do not want any new members unless all members agree.

Each registered support group will have access to our communication channels, a contribute towards the cost of refreshments for your support group meetings, assist with events and L’Oreal product for their members.

How to set up a new support group

  1. Complete and submit a support group registration form to National Office (click here).
  2. The liaison person will also need to sign a registration form.
  3. Once National Office receives this form they will contact the liaison with further information and a welcome pack including a link to set up their password and log in to Support Group page of our website.

How new people join a group

A caregiver can join a support group at any time by calling Fostering Kids NZ on 0800 693 323 or emailing   When a caregiver joins Fostering Kids NZ, we will provide them a list of open support groups in their area. The caregiver can go along to a meeting and decide whether they would like to join. Support group information will also be available on the website (if permission to share has been given)

Contribution to run meetings/get togethers

Fostering Kids NZ will pay a contribution of $3 per member who attends your support group meetings towards the cost of refreshments.  Support groups can claim a contribution for up to eight meetings per year. Any further claims will be dependent on funding availability.


  • Minimum of three people in rural areas and five in urban areas
  • Majority of support group members must be Fostering Kids NZ members. Fostering Kids NZ will pay a meeting contribution for those who are Fostering Kids NZ members.
  • Liason person must be a member of Fostering Kids NZ
  • A support group can include ‘mentors’.  Mentors are members of Fostering Kids NZ that are no longer caregiving, are professionals or are having a break from caring.  Fostering Kids NZ will pay for up to two ‘mentors’ per meeting.
  • A Fostering Kids NZ member can be part of more than one support group.
  • Group will align with the vision, mission and guiding principles of Fostering Kids NZ.
  • Members of the support group agree to the Confidentiality Agreement and Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Regional Committee

In each area there is a Regional Committee/Panel consisting up of up to six caregivers from your region, National Office team as required, and your Regional Coordinator.  Each Regional Committee has an annual budget to use for events being held throughout their region.   If a support group is organising a special event and needs additional funding they can apply to their Regional Committee.  The Regional Committee may also organise events for all members in their region.

If you would like to be part of your Regional Committee please call us on 0800 693 323 for more information or complete an application form (Committee Member Application Form) and email it to