Support Groups

Around the country caregivers are getting together to support each other and enjoy each others company.  We have seen a renewed interest in Support Groups and it is encouraging to see groups starting up in new areas.

People are telling us that it is easy to set up a new group and it is lovely to receive a ‘supporters pack’ of L’Oréal product to share with the group.  The new structure is less ‘formal’ and support groups can be a simple group of caregivers meeting regularly at each other’s house or in a cafe for morning tea.  We have also seen some groups planning picnics in the school holidays, shared lunches in the park and beach outings.

We have had some new support groups start up for caregivers with similar experiences – Kin raising Kin, FASD and a group with sick children. There can be more than one support group in an area and caregivers can belong to more than one group; giving caregivers more opportunity to reach out for the support that they need.

Over the next few months we are looking forward to hearing about all the fun being had at these support groups and helping other groups of people set up their own. For more information about support groups please check out our website (click here).


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