For many young people in care, applying for university can be very exciting. It is a start of a new chapter in their lives where they can upskill, peruse their passion and chase their dreams. They may come to you, as their caregiver, and ask for your help with their studylink application. We wish to remind you and the young people in your care, to be very mindful during this process.

We know of youth checking a box stating they still get ‘emotional support’, or similar, from a caregiver and being declined. Under the current policy, it is assumed that the caregivers are ‘acting in place of a parent’ and they can then be income tested.

We also know instances where having a support person present during the whole application process, especially the interview, has been hugely beneficial to the potential wellbeing of a young person.

Each young person has a unique experience so applying to Studylink will vary from person to person. If you have youth in your care who are wanting to apply for Studylink, please contact your Regional Coordinator or our National Office.

We are highlighting issues related to this application process at a national level and advocating for change.

Free phone: 0800 693 323

Also note that young people who cannot live with their own family are also entitled to the ‘Student Allowance Independent Circumstances Allowance’ which they are not required to pay back.

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