Studylink Progress

School is nearly out for the year and if you have a Year 12 or 13 in your care there is no doubt lots of discussions about the future and in particular, next year.  If they are thinking of tertiary study and applying for StudyLink please contact your Regional Coordinator or National Office first.

StudyLink should be applied for as early as possible, preferable by the 16 December to make sure everything is sorted in time.

Applicants may be able to receive help with:

  • compulsory course fees
  • course-related costs (eg, books, laptop, etc)
  • day-to-day living costs
  • other costs (eg disability or childcare).

Caregivers are often seen as ‘acting in place of a parent’ for the young person applying and are means tested.  Therefore, the young person may be declined for the Independent Circumstances Allowance. We find this unfair and are trying to get legislation changed that states ‘young people under the guardianship of the state when they leave care are eligible for Studylink allowances’.

Each young person has a unique experience so applying to Studylink will vary from person to person. If you have youth in your care who are wanting to apply for Studylink, please contact your Regional Coordinator or our National Office.

Free phone: 0800 693 323

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