Rugby NZ Give Bikes to Kids

Fostering Kids NZ partners with a team building company, Elevate who provide charity team building events called “Build My Ride”.  At these events, the corporate teams compete to earn points (parts of the bike), then build the bikes for children to take home.

Recently, there was an extra special bike event held in Wellington. Rugby NZ were participating in the “Build my Ride” event and they chose to donate the bikes to Fostering Kids NZ members.  These bikes were built by the new players of the Chiefs, Crusaders, Highlanders, Blues and Hurricanes rugby teams.

Five very lucky kids in care were introduced into the room. Each child got to meet the team building their bike and they had the opportunity to put the finishing touches on it. After lots of photos together, autograph gathering and chatting, some of the kids even hopped on their bikes to do a test ride around the room! It was such an exciting event for these children and their caregivers. They had such a wonderful time. To top it off, they each got to take home a flash new bike and helmet!

A huge thank you to Rugby NZ for choosing Fostering Kids NZ as the charity to build bikes for.

If you have a child in you care (along with biological children) and you would like a brand new bike for them, please click here. Once you fill out an application and send it in we will put their names on the waiting list and be in contact when an event comes up in your area.

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