Request for examples of opening bank accounts for young people

Kia ora everyone,

We’re hoping you can help us!

Here at VOYCE – Whakarongo Mai, the independent connection and advocacy service for children and young people in care in New Zealand, we amplify the collective voice of children and young people in care on the issues that affect them.  We do this to fight for change for all tamariki and rangatahi within the Aotearoa care system, and to help promote a positive sense of identity and a loving care community.

We have been told anecdotally of the challenges facing children and young people in care, and you the caregivers who support them, in opening bank accounts and obtaining the various IDs, such as IRD numbers, that this requires.

Where we need your help, is because we really need solid examples, both positive and negative, of the process for what opening bank accounts was like for you and the young people you care for, which we can refer to.  We will use these case studies to inform our position, and as a way to channel the voice of care experience towards making the process simpler and easier.

If you have any examples of opening bank accounts that you’d be willing to share, then please get in touch at, or on 0800 4 VOYCE (0800 486 923).  Valuable information to include would be an overview of the situation, what any challenges or highlights were, where in New Zealand it happened, what bank it was with, and the age of the young person involved.

Please be assured that we won’t share any confidential information with anyone else, but we do need this detail ourselves to ensure we are consistent and accurate.


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