Outstanding Achievements

Twenty rangatahi were awarded for their outstanding achievements at the William Wallace Awards on 6 December 2017.  One in particular is special to us and is part of the Fostering Kids NZ family, Courtney McElligott. Courtney received a Leadership Award.

“The award means a lot to me.  It means that I can go on the Spirit of Adventure.  The Spirit of Adventure will allow me to build in confidence, challenge myself in ways I have not been challenged before and build in character”.

A very proud Barbara McElligott, Lower South Regional Coordinator, and Diana Halstead, Board Member, accompanied Courtney to Te Papa to receive the award from the Minister for Children, Tracey Martin.

Diana, Courtney’s social worker at the time, placed Courtney with the McElligotts initially as a transitional placement, but after several attempts to find a suitable placement, Barbara and Rex couldn’t stand the thought of Courtney being messed around any longer and said they would commit to her.  Courtney is now very proud to call herself a McElligott and to have been part of the family since she was three.

When our CEO, Linda Surtees, congratulated Barbara she said “it wasn’t me it was Courtney”.  Barbara, you and Rex should be proud of your role in creating a brighter future for Courtney.  Your unconditional love and commitment has been something amazing.

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the William Wallace Award recipients and wish them all the best on their adventures next year.



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