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Kia Ora Koutou,

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Did you know that I now have an office in PetriDish – 8 Stafford Street, Dunedin?  I’m based there Monday to Wednesday.  Please feel free to pop in and say hi.

I am planning some road trips to North and South Otago in May. I will let you know the dates soon and hopefully we can arrange some informal get togethers.

I was up in Wellington in the holidays meeting the whole Regional Coordinator team.  It was great as I’m still finding my feet in the role.  The biggest highlight has been starting to meet the caregivers around our new region. 

Did you manage to come to our recent hui- learning day?  A huge thanks to Barbara for organising it!  I’m really excited that more and more caregivers, teachers and Principals are recognising the effects of early childhood trauma and ways to help heal our children.  On this particular day we heard about how trauma effects learning. 

LIFT Programme

Beginning Wednesday 1 May and three more Wednesdays thereafter, Caring Families Aotearoa (a division of Fostering Kids NZ) and I will be in Dunedin delivering the Foundations For Attachment training as part of the LIFT programme.

The LIFT programme is a specialised programme for caregivers based on Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP). Caregivers will learn, at the Foundations for Attachment trainings, how to create a secure base for children with developmental trauma and attachment challenges. The three key modules are:

  • Understanding Challenges of Parenting Children in Care
  • Therapeutic Parenting – Healing the Hurt
  • Looking After Self (you can’t pour from an empty cup)

Caregivers will then receive ongoing support to help them integrate the learning into practice, through support groups and phone support.


The Term 2 training schedule is now live, you can check out the schedule here and register for a variety of courses and discussion sessions.

Nga mihi


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