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Kia ora koutou, ngā mihi o te hou / Greetings for the new year,

Well that wasn’t the warmest break for the year, but it was great to recharge and spend time with whanau. At least I saved money on Sunblock! 
I generally don’t make resolutions, but try to choose a couple of themes that I want for the year. This year I have chosen “kind” and “growth”.  I will let you know how I go.

I hope you managed to have some relaxation and family time over the holidays. With the start of the school year just underway, routines will be getting back into motion again for the year ahead.  If some routines have slipped over the holidays, it may be useful to transition back into systems that work for you and your tamariki.  This may help to avoid (well, perhaps minimise!) problems in the first week back at school.

We are also looking for a couple of people to join our Regional Committee so we can plan some events. We have some funding available, it would be a shame to waste it! If you are interested in becoming a Regional Committee Member then please fill out the form below:

March Celebrations

The start of March is a very important time in the care sector in New Zealand. Sunday 1st March, we kick off the Foster Care Awareness week with Children’s Day.  This is a day to celebrate the importance of tamariki/children in our lives, in our communities and in our society.  Children’s Day reminds all of New Zealand how precious our tamariki are and how we all have a responsibility for them collectively.

Following on from the Sunday celebrations, we have Foster Care Awareness Week. This is a week to highlight the wonderful role you all play in our communities and society too!  It’s a time through all the challenges, to say this role is so vital, important and lifesaving! I know there will be various events planned for this week across Aotearoa. Get in touch with your Agency or Organisation to see what they’re planning. Make sure you are on our Facebook pages so you can get notifications of events we know about. This important week is a time of acknowledging and appreciating the challenging and rewarding role you and your whanau / family undertake. 

Please watch out for emails coming in and messages on our Facebook page as there are events being organised for the first week of March. I’ll keep you posted as plans develop.

Excellence in Foster Care Awards: Friday 6th March 2020

To round out Foster Care Awareness Week, we will be celebrating the winners of the Excellence in Foster Care Awards! This year it will be held in Wellington. These amazing recipients will be announced closer to the date.


Self-care is important at any time of the year. Often the transition back into the school term is a challenging time for us as our tamariki adapt back into routines. Their internal fears of new teachers, new classrooms, new friends and new expectations can create turmoil that is expressed through behaviour. Acceptance and empathetic environments are the most effective ways to a stress-free beginning to the school day. Parenting tamariki with special needs, developmental trauma and/ or challenging behaviour is undeniably stressful. If you get a chance to read our article, then please take it. If you don’t get a chance, try and create an opportunity to do so as sometimes we just have to stop, make a cuppa and do something for ourselves.

One-off School Start Up Fund

School and year start up fund applications are open until the 28th February for those receiving the Unsupported Child’s Benefit or the Orphans’ Benefit. Make sure you apply for this one-off grant of between $400 – $550 (depending on the child’s age). Click on button below to find out more.


Our Term One training schedule is now live! We are very excited to introduce a new 3 hour Workshop Discussion Session – Understanding the National Care Standards. Click the button below to find out more and to register.

Have you joined our closed Facebook Group?

As a member of Fostering Kids NZ you have exclusive access to our CLOSED Facebook groups. These are only open to caregivers that are members of Fostering Kids NZ. This allows our members a platform to seek support, information and resources. If you are not already a member search Fostering Kids NZ Otago Support and request to join. It’s easy and it’s free!

Click the link below to join!

Fostering Kids NZ Otago Support

Nga mihi mahana


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