Otago News – April 2019

Kia Ora Koutou,

Otago RC
Rob Thomson
03 470 1277
027 501 0005

I am excited to start my new role as Regional Coordinator of the new Otago region, and look forward to meeting with you.  I was born in Whangarei and grew up in Cambridge and Tauranga. I came down to Dunedin to study Social Psychology at Otago University.  Since then, I have worked in academia, community development, family violence prevention, and viticulture.

I live with my partner Meagan and my 5-year-old boy Leon in Dunedin.  I am keen on running and mountain biking, and love going for rides with Leon.  I enjoy giving back to our community with voluntary roles with The Dunedin Night Shelter, The North East Valley Project, and the Moray Foundation.

I have for a long time, been involved in Family Violence prevention; working with Stopping Violence Dunedin and Te Whare Pounamu Dunedin Women’s Refuge and am currently a White Ribbon ambassador.  One of the things that I have found frustrating is that we are spending billions of dollars as a country on family violence prevention.  All of the many people (mostly men) that I have worked with over the years to help address their violence, experienced violence as children.  I strongly believe that the only way we can solve the problem and break the intergenerational cycle of violence, is by supporting our tamariki who have experienced trauma and abuse.  You as Caregivers have a massive role in helping children (tamariki) and young people (rangatahi) in your care recover from trauma.  You help to create healing and change!

Acknowledgement must be paid to those families who suffered great loss on Friday 15 March.  Such ugliness on our beloved shores is very hard to comprehend.  My heart and prayers go out to everyone who was touched by this tragedy.  “Waiho I te toipoto, kaua I te toiroa” Let us keep close together, not far apart.

LIFT Programme

Beginning May 01 and three more Wednesdays thereafter, Caring Families Aotearoa (a division of Fostering Kids NZ) will be in Dunedin delivering the Foundations For Attachment training as part of the LIFT programme.

FFA – small

The LIFT programme is a specialised programme for caregivers based on Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP). Caregivers will learn, at the Foundations for Attachment trainings, how to create a secure base for children with developmental trauma and attachment challenges. The three key modules are:

  • Understanding Challenges of Parenting Children in Care
  • Therapeutic Parenting – Healing the Hurt
  • Looking After Self (you can’t pour from an empty cup)

Caregivers will then receive ongoing support to help them integrate the learning into practice, through support groups and phone support.

Attendees must be committed to complete every training and follow up session to gain the full value of this intensive training.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact Jennifer H (0800 693 323 or enquiries@nullcaringfamilies.co.nz) about it.

Regional Hui

Our Regional Hui is happening in the next couple of days. Be sure to register! Click here.


The Term 2 training schedule will go live shortly, so keep an eye out for an email about this. For now, you can check out the schedule here.

Nga mihi


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