Advanced Therapeutic Training

Wow! – what a privilege it was to co-facilitate this programme.

Sally and myself (Rob), Caring Families Aotearoa a division of Fostering Kids NZ, piloted the Nurturing Attachments programme in Christchurch during June and July. Fourteen participants attended over the eight weeks. All participants had completed the Foundations for Attachment programme and the continuing support groups prior to attending this new programme.

Comments included:

“This is a course all foster carers and all parents should do. It has been life changing in terms of the positive impact it’s had on my family”.

“It has been a lot of fun and you have created a great learning environment. We’ve all wanted to be here each week because the group has had such a positive impact”.

“The group felt like whanau – very supportive and understanding. Content was both factual and practical. Facilitators were approachable and authentic.”

The group will continue to meet and support each other, to ensure PACE becomes imbedded in their parenting.

The success of this programme far exceeded expectations.

Thank you to the amazing group of caregivers who participated, we could not have envisaged a better outcome. We know with the knowledge and with practice YOU will be able to change the trajectory of the children and young people in your care.

Nurturing Attachment programme is part of Level Two of the LIFT Model. The LIFT Programme has been developed by Fostering Kids NZ. It is a therapeutic training and support programme for caregivers and helps them understand the inner lives of the children they care for, who no longer trust that caring adults will keep them safe. With this understanding, caregivers are able to become engaged with the children and guide them into a world where good care is able to be safely received.

If you have an interest in the LIFT Programme – Foundations for Attachment in Level One or having completed this, Nurturing Attachments in Level Two please email and you will be added to our expressions of interest list.

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