National Care Standards

On 1 July 2019, the National Care Standards will come into effect and Oranga Tamariki will start the implementation. Over the upcoming months we will communicate with you about what these mean to your care family. It is important to know that as a caregiver you won’t see changes on the 1 July.

The National Care Standards set out the standard of care that every child and young person needs to do well and be well. They also include the support caregivers can expect to receive.

There are six parts to the National Care Standards:

  • Part One: Needs assessments, plans, visits, and collection of information about children and young people
  • Part Two: Support to address child’s or young person’s needs
  • Part Three: Caregiver and care placement assessment and support
  • Part Four: Supporting children and young people to express their views and contribute to their care experience
  • Part Five: Supporting children and young people during care transitions
  • Part Six: Monitoring and reporting on compliance with these regulations

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