Mokopuna Māori learning opportunity

Here’s an opportunity to increase your knowledge in caring for or working with mokopuna Māori children

We are pleased to be able to offer, through our training partnership with Oranga Tamariki, fourteen interactive modules that provide knowledge and skills to increase your bicultural competency.  These are a great learning tool especially if you are caring for a child (mokopuna) who is Māori.

Each module presents facts and explores perspectives in a way that will engage you and encourage you to relate the information to your own experiences and ideas.

The overall objective of these modules is to give you practical information and new skills to enhance your bicultural confidence in your everyday life. We hope these modules will deepen your relationships with mokopuna Māori, whanau and, the wider community. 

These modules are offered as part of the National Caregiver Training Programme (NCTP).  If you are interested in accessing these 14 modules, please let Christine know by either emailing her at or calling her on: 04 282 0489 l or Freephone: 0800 100 849.

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