Lower South News – September 2019

Lower South RC
Barbara McElligott
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Kia ora koutou / Greetings everyone,

Isn’t it great to feel the days lengthening out and getting warmer? Seeing the strong spring shoots pushing up through the ground, daffodils opening their bright faces to the sun and blossoms popping out. It seems to make both animals and humans feel so much better. Good luck to those of you on the land, I hope calving, lambing and your other spring activities go well for you all. Stay safe out there and take good care of each other.

Caregiving can be a complex journey filled with legal jargon, processes and practice. Sometimes we simply do not know what we do not know. Having the knowledge about what we are doing takes away a lot of the stress and anxiety, especially when taking legal orders for children or attending legal family meetings. Please, please reach out and ask questions, seek information and attend trainings. No questions are ever too silly to ask. When we start a new job, we spend time going over the contracts and legalities that surround the new position, we do the same when we buy a new home or sign up for a new tenancy agreement. Please take the same care when taking on a child for life. 

Fostering Kids NZ can help support you through these processes or send you information explaining processes and pathways for future support. It is so important to get the process right: have the support plans all done and signed off by Oranga Tamariki and the Permanent Caregiver Support Services (PCSS), been to the lawyer with the plan in hand to seek legal advice about what orders are needed and which Legal act applies to your situation; all before heading off to court for the big moment of achieving legal permanency, or home for life for your child or young person. Family group conferences (FGC) are another legal meeting where some thought needs to go into your contribution if you are invited as a carer or a family/whānau member. Please reach out to seek all the information from all sources.

The Oranga Tamariki Practice Centre is public and a good place to seek information. Here is the link https://practice.orangatamariki.govt.nz/

Happy Fathers Day

September is the month we pay homage to our dads. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. To our wonderful foster dads who have opened your hearts and homes to tamariki needing care. We thank you for the amazing work you do with our most vulnerable. I hope you got well and truly spoiled. 

Fostering Kids NZ National Conference

Have you managed to have a look on our website to find out all about our National Conference coming up on the 16 and 17 October, at the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre? It would be great to see as many of you from our region there as possible. It is an amazing experience, and very enjoyable too! You can find everything you need to know here:

Support Groups

My sincere thanks to the people who keep the local groups going. Remember how important peer support is. Contact the group near you to see what is happening…

Invercargill: Rose Rhind 027 497 0132
Woodlands: Barbara Henry 027 436 9371
Gore: Leanne Hallam 027 223 2962
Te Anau: Jane McHardy 027 693 1616
Alexandra: Gilly Darbey (03) 447 4077
Queenstown: Barbara McElligott 027 501 0391

Kia kaha, Kia manawanui, Kia tūpato / Be strong, be courageous, be safe!

Barbara McElligott

Fostering Kids NZ Lower South Support Closed Facebook Group


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