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Kia ora koutou/Greetings everyone!

I have so enjoyed delivering the new workshop Building Secure Attachments in Otago & Southland. It is really healthy to look within ourselves and see how we are doing and what dynamics we are creating within our family units based on our own internal working models and how resilient we are ourselves. Next term I’ll be bringing two more updated workshops to you.

A quote I recently read says it rather nicely…

“Nurturing your own development isn’t selfish.  It’s actually a great gift to other people.” ~ Rick Hanson PH.D


As you know Fostering Kids NZ is run by a Governance Board which is partly made up of Regional Caregiver representatives. There is a set term for these positions. It’s the Lower South Island’s turn to vote in a new rep. If you are an active caregiver who enjoys working at a governance level in an organisation, feel free to contact our national office to find out more about this position. Our AGM is in October, so time to act if you would like this opportunity in this exciting time of change. A special thanks to Janice Purchase, who is a Grandmother who has raised some of her grandchildren and has been our Lower South Rep for two terms now. Thanks Janice, it’s a great contribution to Fostering Kids NZ.

Support Groups

Support is so Important – Please don’t attempt to care alone – reach out when you need to.

If you have thoughts of starting up a small support group (themed or area based), we will support you to do so. Please feel free to make contact to find out more.

Southland Group have a catch up at 11.30am on Wednesday 25 July at Family works, Spey Street, Invercargill. Everyone is welcome to come along to give or receive support, for a catch up and a natter. They also had their mid-winter Xmas celebration in June which as always is a great event to attend.


As mentioned above we are running the newly written workshops; Understanding & Supporting Behaviour, the Importance of Play and Child Development. Please take the opportunity to attend one of the workshops. This is such a wonderful opportunity to gain new understandings and strategies to help you in your role.  Registrations are required, please register here.   Or if you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact Christine on 0800 100 849.


  Lower South Fostercare Support Group


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