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Kia ora everyone

Mere Kirihimete (Merry Christmas)

As the year comes to a close over this next month, I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to you, the amazing, selfless caregivers out there who have such huge hearts for what you do. Christmas time is of course a joyous, precious time for families but for those that we care for; it can also be sad, lonely, and confusing with split loyalties and behaviours that our kids don’t truly understand.  Take extra care during this time, enjoy your families and when possible give those who need that little extra understanding a few more minutes of you to stand with them and for them.

Thank you to all those that have attended caregiver training discussion groups and workshops, the numbers in the region are really encouraging and it is wonderful hearing of the connections with other caregivers happen and support freely given to those that need some much needed understanding from those that “get it”.

Recently I read this

 “Boredom is an opportunity for adventure” – and it led me to think…

How many times do you hear “I am bored” during the holiday? Are you stuck and looking for some new holiday activity ideas, here are some of my favourite ones and I thought maybe you might like to try them?

  1. Host a neighborhood pot luck party.

To ensure a well-rounded menu, invite odd-numbered houses on your street to bring dessert, while even-numbered ones bring savory sides. All you have to do is supply the venue and the welcomes.

  1. Make a decorative garden pot.

Here’s an easy art project you’ll actually use: Turn a few terra cotta pots upside down and squeeze acrylic paints onto the edge, allowing it to drip down the sides. Once it dries you’ll have a beautifully funky planter.

  1. Play in the dirt.

Not only does gardening help kids understand where their food comes from, it will also give them a huge sense of accomplishment to see something they planted sprout and bloom.

  1. Plan a photo scavenger hunt.

Make a list of items your family or friends can find outside, like “something red” or “three types of flowers.” Whoever snaps photos of the most items on the list wins!

  1. Have a read-in.

On days when it’s too hot or rainy to play outside, load up on books from the library, get cozy with a pile of pillows, and spend the afternoon reading. You may even want to make this part of a pajama day!

  1. Have “boredom” jar ready to go for when the children say that word!

Put an end to that perennial summer complaint by filling a jar with suggestions. Fill with low- and no-cost activities ranging from “make an obstacle course” to “find out how many bones are in the human body.” There are many good ideas online. So when that word is said, and they really cannot think of something to do, get them to draw one out with their eyes closed.

The Christmas close down period for Fostering Kids NZ is Saturday 22 December, 2018 to Monday 14 January, 2019. During this time, our main line will not be manned. If your situation is critical, please call our critical support line 0800 693 278. If your situation is urgent, please call the 24/7 caregiver help line 0508 227 377.


Look out for our new training schedule going live for term one soon.

Finally, have a lovely summer break and we’ll see you in the New Year!

Noho ora mai koe i roto i ngā manaakitanga katoa (May you remain well in every way)



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