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Kia Ora everyone

This month I have been thinking a lot about self-care. We cannot pour from an empty cup…so we need to find ways to keep topping ours up. How do we do that when we have children who have come from a hard place to care for? We have work and relationships to maintain, we have appointments to attend and meals to prepare, homework to supervise and activities to get to….arrrh!

Here are some suggestions, I know there are lots of other ideas too…

  • Get together with two or three other caregivers and go for coffee, or start a small support group for yourself so you can unload, upload and gain the support you need.
  • Go to the training website and book yourself into some training. This will increase your knowledge or remind you of things forgotten. It will also give you the opportunity to meet and build relationships with other like-minded caregivers.
  • Get a baby sitter in and take your husband, partner or friend to the movies or a coffee or just for a walk and watch the stars.
  • Plan yourself some respite. The Roxburgh camp is now closed, however there is a Christian camp at Waihola and Pukerau that I’m aware of. Websites cycwaihola.org.nz ; and www.campcolumbia.org.nz. If you have a caregiver social worker talk to them about getting a break.
  • Learn mindfulness, meditation or relaxation techniques.
  • Get an understanding about your own attachment history and triggers. Identify your own strengths and vulnerabilities; attend a training on Building Secure Attachments and/or Understanding and Supporting Behaviours (see the training website). Or seek out something within your community that is meaningful.
  • Join a club for yourself, learn a new craft, a musical instrument, take up walking, swimming or another activity to use as your time.

Whatever you do, remember you cannot pour from an empty cup. Take good care of yourself so you can take good care of those children and young people that you care for.

Noho ora mai


Support Groups

Come along to help have your cup filled

If anyone is keen to start up a small, informal support group, please make contact with me. Call or txt Barbara on 027 5010 391 and I’ll support you to do so. This can be a group with a theme eg Carers of children with FASD, Autism or maybe Sensory Issues or maybe a group of Grandparents who look after their grandchildren or just a group of likeminded caregivers.

The Original Southland Foster Care Association are still getting together in an informal manner to offer a place where you can unload/upload and offer each other support. Their next get together is at Buster Crabs, 17 October 2018 for cake and coffee. Contact Rose for more information. Ph 027 4970 132.

Eastern Southland Carers… We are keen to start up a support group, meeting in the Woodlands Church on Thursday 16 August at 10.00am till 12.00pm as a starter. All are welcome. If you need to unload or upload and receive some peer support do come along. Phone Barbara Henry on 03 231 3146

Central Otago support group…Gilly Darby is the contact for this support group and will be letting you know soon of the next get together. Any ideas or suggestions feel free to contact Gilly on 03 4474 077.

Dunedin Foster Care Support Group…Sonia is the contact for this group and can be contacted at dunedinfcsg@nullgmail.com. Sonia will let you know what is happening soon but please contact her with your ideas of getting together.


I’m excited to be coming to you during August with the new Understanding and Supporting Behaviours workshop. Unfortunately, the scheduled Invercargill one on 15 August has coincided with the Teacher’s Strike Day, so we have decided to reschedule the workshop. For those who have registered Christine (our Training Coordinator) will be in contact shortly to let you know of the new date.

Please go and have a look at when we will be coming to your area.  I would love to see you at one of the trainings.  This is such a wonderful opportunity to gain further knowledge, skills and strategies to help you in your role.  Registrations are required, please register here.   Or if you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact Christine on 0800 100 849.


  Lower South Fostercare Support Group


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