Lower South News – April 2017


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Congratulations to Sally & Reece McChlery and Ann & Ron Giles who were awarded an Excellence in Foster Care Award earlier last month.  Thank you to both couples for your many years of service to the many children you have both cared for.

It was great to hear about the events around the region celebrating ‘Children’s Day’ earlier this month.  By the accounts of caregivers and families that went, lots of fun was had.   This special day kicked off Foster Care Awareness Week where again there were some events organised.  These focused on raising awareness and celebrating the amazing role Foster/Whanau/Kin caregivers do.

Are you a member of our closed Facebook page?  This page is dedicated to current caregivers.  It’s a place for notices, sharing the load and encouraging posts.  We at Fostering Kids NZ don’t want caregivers to care in isolation and this is one place where we can support each other.  If you are not a member of this closed group, please contact me (Barbara).  I’d love for all our new and current caregivers to be added.


Please have a look at what is available for workshops in our region, we endeavour to offer a good variety in the ways we deliver these. Term 2 will see an option for an evening workshop in Dunedin. New caregivers in particular value the experience and support that are available to them at these workshops, so if you need to refresh your learning, you are also offering valuable peer support to those just beginning the journey. Make sure you keep an eye out for the schedule when it goes live here

Association news

It is with great pleasure that I can introduce our new key person to coordinate the Dunedin kin/whanau carers support group. Terri – Lee Nynam will be in contact with you soon with a date for the next get together to discuss the future of this group.

We also have a regional calming chaos symposium planned for the 9th May 2017. Details of this event will also come to you very soon so watch this space.

We had a great discussion following the viewing of Nicola Atwool’s presentation on Access in Alexandra and again in Dunedin. If others would like to see this, please contact Barbara McElligott for it to be shown in your area.

If you’d like to know more about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder we have a workshop filmed from two Canadian professionals that work in this area.

Follow this link on our website. Please call Stephanie at our National Office (0800 693 323) and she will send you the password to access this fantastic workshop.  It is informative for caregivers, and those working with Children/Young people that have traits of FASD.

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