Lower North News – May 2017

Kia ora everyone

This month, we’re pleased to introduce our new Lower North Regional Co-ordinator/Team Leader John Collett.

A recent arrival from the UK, John has spent his career in social services helping vulnerable people. A qualified social worker and an experienced trainer – John has worked with young people moving out of the care system for much of the past decade.

Lower North Regional Co-ordinator/Team Leader John Collett

He has also done a lot of volunteer work with marginalised people.

John says he is driven by a sense of social justice. A good day at work for him is one when he leaves feeling like he’s done something positive for the people he’s working with and for.

Emergency kits

The recent cyclones that have blasted various parts of the country is a reminder that we need to have our emergency kits updated and in order. If you had to evacuate in a hurry what would that look like and what would you take?

Here is a link to use as a prompt: http://www.redcross.org/get-help/prepare-for-emergencies/be-red-cross-ready/get-a-kit

Mental health resources

We have had a number of caregivers ask us for information about mental health well-being, depression and suicidal thoughts related to children and young people.  This is a sensitive topic but something we as caregivers need to consider and be prepared for. CASA is a great website, based in New Zealand with many different topics, to find out more click here – http://www.casa.org.nz/resources.  Below are just some topics we thought might be of value to you:

Facebook help a friend in need
Supporting Young people with stress, anxiety and/or depression
What does a grieving child or teen need the most?
Problem Solving technique for Youth
Skylight grief resources including “Holidays and Special Days”
Cyberbullying and Harmful Communications – Help for Parents
Tips to help someone with depression
Crisis and Trauma reactions
Deliberate Self-Harm
Coping for recovery
Identifying Suicide Concerns in Children and Young Adolescents
Risk factors and triggers for suicidal behaviour in youth
Providing a Safe Home Environment for the Suicidal Young Person

As a caregiver, if you would like to talk with someone more about dealing with a child in your care that you have concerns about contact our critical support service at National Office on 0800 693 323.

Stephanie James-Sadler

Nga mihi

Stephanie James-Sadler
National Training & Support Manager
0800 693 323


 It’s time to vote!

Fostering Kids New Zealand is one of the four groups being supported through Good in the Hood at Z Trentham, Upper Hutt. That means we’ll get a share of $4,000but how much depends on how many votes we get.

So if you happen to be heading through Upper Hutt in May, please pop in to buy your petrol or something else from Z Trentham. You’ll be given an orange token to put in the voting box (or if you’re a Z card holder, you’ll get two votes!).

You can also encourage people you know to vote too. Funds raised will help us to support you. Thank you.

Association News


Tararua Foster Carers | Rae Dassler | 06 374 8849 | raedass55@nullxtra.co.nz
Manawatu Foster Care Association Inc. | Judith Williams | 06 323 5013 | judithwilliamsnz@nullgmail.com
Kapiti Foster Care Support Group | Ginny Higgins | 04 293 3826  gmhigg@nullxtra.co.nz
Wairarapa Foster Care Association | David & Carol Mullany | 06 379-9343 | mullany23@nullgmail.com
and Allen & Liz Birch | 06 308 6101 | allen_liz@nullxtra.co.nz
Porirua unique Foster Carers | Fiona Juchnowicz | 04 232 2512 | fiona@nulltrito.co.nz
Wellington Family and Fostercare Association | Coral Whitson | 04 970 4806 | whitson@nullparadise.net.nz


Term Two workshops are now live, so make sure you register.  Check out this link for dates and locations.  See you there.  https://fosteringkids.net/schedule/schedule.php.

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