Lower North News – June 2018

Kia ora all

Some good news to share from us.  We are in the final stages of appointing a Regional Coordinator for our region.  We are aiming for a July start date.  I’ll update you more next month.  It was such a loss to our organisation and his family when we lost John last year.  We miss him and have had a time of grieving.  It will be good to have someone fill this position again for both you as caregivers to start engaging with and also all the agencies we liaise with across the lower part of the North Island.

Did you know that we have a brand new workshop module we are facilitating around our region?  The Importance of Play.  This is particularly relevant to the children we have in care.

Our other core workshops have also been rewritten with a new focus towards therapeutic care and what that means in how we parent our children differently to build better connections and life outcomes.  I would like to encourage you all to consider registering and attending these over the next year.  Please feel free to make it more fun by bringing along someone who works closely or supports your family and give them the added benefit of understanding how trauma affects our children in care.

Look out for the new ones over the next couple of terms:

  • The Importance of Play (new)
  • Child Development (updated)
  • Understanding and Supporting Behaviour (rewritten)
  • Building a Secure Attachment (rewritten)

In the interim, if you need support, have questions or would like to talk with someone, please feel free to ring us here at 0800 693 323.

Hei konā rā (goodbye for now)


Help Make Services Better

The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is working on making it easier for parents and whanau to apply for services. They’re focusing on services where people need to provide information about their children. These services might be for the parent or for the child.

To do this, they need to understand the current experience parents and whanau have when applying for these services. They’re especially interested in talking to people who have younger children (under 5 years old). However, they are also keen to talk to families with older children (10-17 years old).

They can meet you wherever it is most convenient. This could be your place or somewhere else like a public library or a café.

If you, or someone you know, is available to talk with DIA for up to an hour about their experiences please contact:

Shane Ngan at:

Email: shane.ngan@nulldia.govt.nz,

Landline: – 04 3823545      Mobile: – 021 416204

To show the DIA’s appreciation for your time, participants will receive a supermarket voucher.


The newly written Child Development workshop is coming up in Lower Hutt on 7 June. Spaces are still available. Registration is required to assist us with numbers, please register online using this link or book with Christine 0800 100 849.   I look forward to meeting you there!

All training start at 9.00am.  Please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure we are able to start promptly.  This is to ensure the validity of the programme, that you are able to get the most out of the programme and that you do not interrupt the training.   We also request that unless really urgent you stay until the end, 3.00pm.

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