Lower North News – June 2017

Kia ora everyone

It has been a great few weeks so far, travelling around and getting to meet people in different corners of the Lower North region (and beyond!).  I am hoping to get to meet all of the regions associations sooner rather than later, provide support where I can and see where the rest of 2017 takes us all. Please do get in touch so we can get to know each other. If any of you are struggling with a situation, the Key Contacts and I are here to journey beside you through it.

Nga mihi

John Collett
Lower North Regional Coordinator/Team Leader
DDI: 04 282 0437   Cell: 027 501 0394
Email: lowernorthsupport@nullfosteringkids.org.nz


Lower North Link

This closed page is for you, if you are a whanau/kin/foster caregiver.  Please flick me an email, or request to come on-board.  It is great to have thought provoking posts added, or as they say…. a problem shared is a problem halved…. I know when caregiver peers offer their shared knowledge the feedback has been great.  So keep an eye on there. Any suggestions for items I can research or other useful/inspiring posts gratefully received!

Association News

The Lower North Associations across the region will be running meetings and support activities – keep an eye out for their emails and reminders. I’ve just heard that Kapiti Foster Care Association will be holding a meeting in early June – date to be confirmed.


Tararua Foster Carers | Rae Dassler | 06 374 8849 | raedass55@nullxtra.co.nz
Manawatu Foster Care Association Inc. | Judith Williams | 06 323 5013 | judithwilliamsnz@nullgmail.com
Kapiti Foster Care Support Group | Ginny Higgins | 04 293 3826 | gmhigg@nullxtra.co.nz
Wairarapa Foster Care Association | David & Carol Mullany | 06 379 9343 | mullany23@nullgmail.com
and Allen & Liz Birch | 06 308 6101 | allen_liz@nullxtra.co.nz
Porirua unique Foster Carers | Fiona Juchnowicz | 04 232 2512 | fiona@nulltrito.co.nz
Wellington Family and Fostercare Association | Coral Whitson | 04 970 4806 | whitson@nullparadise.net.nz


I am wondering how many people might be interested in attending our trainings on a Saturday or evenings.   Please let me know if you are interested in this and we will organise it.

I’m looking forward to delivering a couple of courses over the next few weeks. See you there!!

28th June 2017          Understanding and Managing Behaviour, Levin

4th July 2017              Teamwork, Lower Hutt

Please register online by following this link:  https://fosteringkids.net/schedule/schedule.php.

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