Lower North News – February 2018


kintsukuroi – (n.) (v.phr.)”to repair with gold”; the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken

This is a great image to remember. Why? Because rupture and repair are at the heart of healthy relationships. Mistakes happen. Struggles happen. The key is our capacity is to recognize our rupture, acknowledge it, share our concern about how this feels to those we love, and find a way to return to caring connection. What’s so surprising for many to learn is that it’s this very process that deepens trust. As Leonard Cohen said, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” (Circle of Security International).

Kia Ora and welcome to 2018. I hope you managed a lovely break and enjoyed spending time with the whanau in this glorious weather.

I am looking forward to what this New Year brings in the way of support and training. From what I know, the importance of networking with like-minded caregivers and sharing the joys, sorrows and challenges of raising our children is often undermined and neglected in the busyness of today’s world but I see the immense value that it provides to caregivers that take the time to attend trainings and support/network groups.

I love the photo above, how to save something others would think was broken, and to disregard, but making it more beautiful with gold!  I also love the rupture and repair concept for our relationships, returning to caring connection.

Keep a look out for our trainings and group events throughout the term.  School is back so getting into routines is going to be the focus for the start of February.  Take care and keep enjoying this weather while we have it.

If you need support or some advice please continue to contact Fostering Kids NZ (0800 693 323) and ask for me.

Hei ano
Stephanie James-Sadler

Key Contacts for Lower North

Tararua Foster Carers | Rae Dassler | 06 374 8849 | raedass55@nullxtra.co.nz

Manawatu Foster Care Association Inc. | Judith Williams | 06 323 5013 | judithwilliamsnz@nullgmail.com

Kapiti Foster Care Support Group | Ginny Higgins | 04 293 3826  gmhigg@nullxtra.co.nz

Wairarapa Foster Care Association | David Mullany | 06 379-9343 | mullany23@nullgmail.com

Porirua unique Foster Carers | Fiona Juchnowicz | 04 232 2512 | fiona@nulltrito.co.nz

Wellington Family and Fostercare Association | Coral Whitson | 04 970 4806 | whitson@nullparadise.net.nz


The Term One training schedule is now live on our website. Please go and have a look at what we are offering next term. I would love to see you at one of the trainings. Registrations are required, please register here.  Or if you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact Christine on 0800 100 849.

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