Kid’s love their new bikes

Elevate provide charity team building events called “Build My Ride”.  At these events, the corporate teams compete to earn points (parts of the bike). Recently, many companies have participated in these event, where the bikes have been donated to children in the care of Fostering Kids NZ members.

The excitement builds for the children as they wait for the teams to complete their challenges – the teams are unaware of who the bikes are for, let alone knowing that the children are waiting in the next room. With tiptoes, the children and their caregivers are brought into the room where the teams are building the bikes. The bike construction comes to a halt as the bikes are revealed to the children and the teams realise who the bikes are for.

The kids are so excited! Once shy, while waiting for the big reveal, they were now riding around, racing and bumping into walls and office desks. The looks on the kid’s faces and the excitement in their eyes just show how special these bikes are to them. The whole event is win-win, the teams have a blast while also making some very deserving children incredibly happy.

But the kids can’t take the bikes home yet,the teams haven’t quite finished the competition yet. They have one more task – cross the finish line with the child on their new bike.  All bikes are then checked to ensure they are safe to ride.

If you have a child in your care who would love a brand new bike, they can be added to the wait list by completing the attached application from.

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