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”Love is a constant process of Tuning in, Connecting,  Missing and Misreading cues, Disconnecting, Repairing and Finding deeper connection. It is a dance of meeting and parting and finding each other again. Minute to minute and day to day.”   Dr Sue Johnson.

Winter is upon us and I hope you and yours are well and warm. I understand that it is hard to think very far ahead, but our conference is in two months time and I hope you are planning on how you can attend.

School holidays are coming up soon again. I remember when mine were young we used to set up a huge play area that ended up taking up the whole of upstairs. Each of us had a corner where we built our homes from blocks and lego, books and whatever we could lay our hands on. We would set out the road floor maps, the toy animals and toy army guys, trucks, etc. Our minds would have such fun imagining what was going on in our worlds, and there was not allowed to be put-downs, to make it safe. Our corners would gradually extend out into the middle of the room as the winter days progressed and we would have to practice our negotiation skills in communicating who got which car, or whatever it was that was most popular. My daughter’s Barbie’s would have a home with paddocks for the horses, etc, and my son’s army and dinosaur world’s would meet and have to find a way to get on together, living side by side. No-one organised anyone else, and it was such great fun playing and ‘just being’ together and not having to go out for days on end.

Now that my children are adults I can see how valuable this kind of ‘being together’ was for their healthy development, and our relationship building, and yes, it did make a huge mess upstairs but we loved it then, and we all remember it warmly now.

Association Information

The Whangarei Association is wondering just what you would like to do together. Would you prefer coffee get together’s for adults or events where you can bring your children? Please feedback to Sheryl or Molly any ideas you have.


We are trying out a Saturday training in Kaikohe in term three, on the 26th of August 2017 – Understanding and Managing Behaviour. So if you would like to attend, please register on this link to attend. You don’t have to live in Kaikohe if you’re willing to travel to it. Everyone is welcome.

Noho ora mai


  • Do you want to find out more about the effect of trauma on the brain, so you can support and understand a child placed in your care?
  • Do you know about the inside/outside age of your child and what this means to their development across the four areas of wellbeing (Te Whare Tapu Wha)
  • How redeveloping trust can assist you as a caregiver?

To find out these and more come along to a training near you. Here is the Link to our training calendar.



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