Invitation to participate in research

Educational successes of care-experienced young people study

Young people who have experienced foster care are invited to participate in a study that will be exploring how young people who have experienced foster care determine educational success.

Aim of the research

This research aims to gain an understanding of how young people perceive and interpret what success at school is, and celebrate their successes.

Why do the research?

The findings from this research will help teachers, educators and others to understand the unique circumstances of educational experiences while in foster care.

Who can take part?

Young people between the ages of 16 and 24 years, have experienced foster care and education in New Zealand, and are in the Auckland area.

You can choose to participate in either an individual interview or a small focus group (of up to four other young people) that will be run in the Auckland area. You will be asked to share your experiences and perspectives of educational success.

Want to know more?

To find out more about this research, please read the information sheet (attached). If you know someone who might be interested in taking part in this research, please pass along the information sheet to them.

If you are keen to take part in this research, or would like to know more about this research, please contact Hannah, or her supervisors.


This research is being conducted by Hannah Miller, who is completing a thesis for the Masters in Educational Psychology at Massey University.

This research is supervised by Associate Professor Roseanna Bourke and Dr. Vijaya Dharan at the Institute of Education, Massey University.

This project has been reviewed and approved by the Massey University Human Ethics Committee: Southern B, Application SOB 18/45.  If you have any concerns about the conduct of this research, please contact Dr Rochelle Stewart-Withers, Chair, Massey University Human Ethics Committee: Southern B, telephone 06 356 9099 x 83657, email

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