Getting a bank account – a response in rhyme!!!

I am 16, nearly 17, in your care and wanting to open a bank account –  what it’s like ‘to not exist’ as a legitimate person – just a  no-one!

So you’ve asked what it takes –  to get an ID
To prove I exist –  that I am the ‘Real Me’
I can’t get a job –  because IRD
Need to give me a number –  to prove I’m the ‘Real Me’!

So I’m told by social workers –  ‘well you don’t have a birth certificate’
Which in your adult world –  kind of makes me ‘illegitimate’
There is a copy on file –  but they say  it’s not ‘the real McCoy’
So the lawyers say we have to go –  and pay for one more!

So the powers that be –  fill in an application
To get a new birth certificate  – so I’m part of this nation!
In the meantime they tell me –  ‘not to worry, it will be cool’
But after 5 months –  they must think I’m a fool!

I am not a fool, just powerless –  relying on adults
I still can’t have a bank account –  never mind a bank balance!
I can’t get youth rates – to get the  bus and train to course
I have to pay as an adult –  as there’s no other recourse!

So 5  months later –  I am still waiting
No updates or news –  it’s really so frustrating
You expect me to be patient – do you not think I have been
Try living my world –  not sure you’d be too keen!

So this is my plea –  for all of us teenagers in ‘care’
Can you sort this shit earlier – I wonder if you dare
The lack of these basics –  is contributing to my stress
Is it any wonder –  I am a teenage mess?

I hold on to ‘hope’  – that somebody will listen
But frankly – it all seems to be too much of a mission!
Just get me my ID –  so I can join the adult world
And don’t blame me –  for what is quite absurd!

You just don’t make it easy – everything’s so tough
The process is humiliating –  it’s really shit and rough
Because I don’t exist  – as I cannot prove who I am

Maybe this has come from no one – do you know who I am?


It’s been a further month – and now I have my bank account
The bank had to send a letter here – to prove what’s it’s all about!
I’ve lived here for 3 years – but they just had to prove it
And the  ‘proof letter’ from Oranga Tamariki – well it just wouldn’t cut it! (for the bank)!

So when you need a bank account, get them to do it in advance
As soon as you are in care – they need to have the planz!
So when told by social workers –  ‘well you don’t have a birth certificate’
They need to step up sooner  – to make us all legitimate!

When you finally get your passport – your piccie identifies you
You feel like a  real person –  not an animal in the zoo!
So when you feel like a non-person – and are looking to exist
Get them to sort your ID pretty smart  – so   you’re no longer a myth!

And thanks to the people  – who made this happen –  finally
You have no idea what it means –  to be identified –  as me!
It gives a start, a sense of purpose –  an opportunity
I always knew it, but now I can prove – I am the ‘Real Me’!

Maybe I can get a part-time job now – anything going?


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