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In recent months, we have been supporting a number of caregivers who have attended a family meeting and left that meeting with a child and no formal steps have taken place.  While we understand the emotion behind taking a child home with you, especially if they are a family member, if you accept this then you or that child may not be entitled to any support from Oranga Tamariki.

This informal care arrangement also may mean the caregiver has not been legally appointed guardian and cannot legally make guardianship decisions for the child.  For example they cannot legally consent to medical treatment, take the children overseas or make any other guardian decision without the consent of the children’s legal guardians.

If you have friends and family who are in a situation where you feel they are considering informal arrangements to care for a child, please ask them to contact your local Regional Coordinator for advice on the best steps to take. We can help ensure both caregivers and the children’s needs are provided for.


To find your local Regional Coordinator click here.

Or, free phone – 0800 693 323.


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