Foundations for Attachment training in the far North

Last month Rob Surtees and Sally Moffatt were privileged to deliver the Foundation for Attachment programme to Ngapuhi Social Services caregivers and social workers in Kaikohe.

This opportunity not only provided Ngapuhi caregivers with new knowledge and understanding, but also allowed for their cultural input into the content and usability for Maori caregivers and children.

The programme was delivered over three days. Comments from the participants included, “I personally have found this wananga informative. I will be returning home with my kete overflowing, implementing PACE into my everyday korero and interacting with moko’s”.

And when asked what was most helpful one participant wrote:

“The use of PACE and how it can help in everyday situations. Being mind-minded and using my ears more and not always what I know. Being aware of the child’s safety and security as well as our own. The use of connection before correction”.

We wish to thank Ngapuhi Social Services for organising this and to the caregivers who attended, your korero was valued immensely.

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