Help another foster parent

Volunteer support to other foster carers | Be a local contact person | Encourage others to join as a Member | Offer your help on the Board | Tell someone about Fostering Kids | Share your stories | Volunteer to help with fundraising | Regular monthly giving – in lieu of a membership fee | A financial way to help, but at no cost to you now

“I was truly ready to hand my foster son back as I just could not find the energy to fight anymore. It was the support of Fostering Kids that gave me the energy and confidence to keep going. The results have been the best for all and we are still supporting our foster son and his family and loving every minute of if again.”

Volunteer by supporting other foster carers

You could join your local associaion or support group and offer support to other carers.

If you are an experienced carer, offer yourself for consideration as a Crtical Support Volunteer.

Contact or phone 0800 69 3323 to discuss becoming a volunteer.

Be a local contact person

You could offer yourself for consideration as the contact person in areas where regrettably at present we have no designated contact person. These areas are Kaitaia, Kaikohe, Whangarei, parts of Auckland, Hauraki-Coromandel, Eastern Bay of Plenty, Gisborne and South Waikato. Selection criteria apply. Contact or phone 0800 69 3323.

Encourage others to become a Member

Become a Member yourself and encourage others to. Be one more. Imagine the strength of our organisation if every foster carer belonged.   This organisation is your voice, by which you can speak to government and the community. Help make it a strong voice.

Offer your help on the Board

 nomination form

Tell someone about Fostering Kids – video below

Your life clock. Some day it’ll stop. A lot of things are gong to the happen in the world between now and then. So what are you going to do between now and then? Are you going to stand on the sidelines, or are you going to be part of something bigger? Copy and send someone this link  to the video below:

Video credit – Let it Ripple: Mobile Films for Global Change

Share your stories

Please share your fostering stories with us. Anonymity can be maintained.

Volunteer to help fundraising

You may have skills or time you can volunteer. Email if you could do some internet research from your own home or digitally edit a video, copywrite or wordsmith some text for us, deliver a trial letterbox delivery of unaddressed fundraising mail, help our agency recruit more monthly donors by talking to people door to door (this is paid work, you’ll need resilience!), do some acting or performing arts, or raise sponsorship from friends, family and colleagues by running a marathon.

Here’s a one minute video clip of how Wendy volunteers her time to produce “Thank You and Welcome cards” which Fostering Kids send to those who give money every month.


Regular monthly giving

Thank you for considering this. We ask the public to help with funding and it’s only right we contribute too, whether we are foster parents, caregivers, members, staff or governance.

Set up a regular monthly gift with an amount you can sustain. Do it in the spirit of it being in lieu of a small membership fee. Your donations can be changed, lowered or stopped at any time. And remember, for every $3 you donate, you can claim $1 back on your income tax – we will provide you with a tax receipt. Give what you can. Each of us has different means, there’s no donation too small to make a difference. $15 a month (50 cents a day) adds to everyone else’s donation and makes a difference.

If other foster care givers have supported you, can you give something back? Make it a regular monthly affordable amount so you can say “I’m giving back and I’ll never miss it.”

All donations will help children in foster care through helping those whose 24 hour, seven day a week role it is to care for them.

Giving in this way, by monthly direct debit from your bank account or credit card, keeps administrative costs to a mimimum and is one of the two best ways you can help.

If you are comfortable with the idea of giving ‘from time to time’ or have been comfortable paying ‘a small membership fee’ then think of a monthly donation as your ‘pre-authorised’ donation. Your monthly donation requires little administation which means your gift has more impact. It is better and easier for both of us.

Here is a link to credit card regular giving sign up  or if you would like to give monthly from your bank account, please contact us and we will send you a direct debit form to complete and return to us. Remember, you can contact us at any time to change, lower or stop your donation and we will do so instantly.

A financial way to help, but at no cost to you now

Leave a gift in your Will. Your loved ones come first and after looking after their needs, leave a small percentage of your estate to (legal name) New Zealand Family and Foster Care Federation Incorporated for general purposes.

Giving in this way, through a gift in your Will, keeps administrative costs to a mimimum and, together with regular monthly giving, is one of the two best ways you can help.

Your gift in your Will could help fund a general Help Line service, similar to that for Allegation Support.  A means by which support can be given for the day to day, but very traumatic at the time, challenges of fostering. A general Help Line, answered by seasoned staff  who have fostered themselves and are now able to offer their experience to others. Backed up with legal advice from a lawyer, again similar to that for Allegation support. Imagine a team of 26 experienced and trained local volunteer support workers, similar to the Allegation Support volunteer network, supporting foster carers during tough times.

Leaving a percentage of your estate “for general purposes” will let Board members at the time decide the pressing priority. They might decide to apply your gift towards increasing and strengthening local associations throughout the country. Imagine a network of 60, twice as many as there are today, local support groups and associations actively reaching out to support every foster parent in every area of New Zealand.

Sometimes all it takes is one ordinary person to bring about incredible change to the lives of those in need.

Talk to us if you’d like assistance in meeting the costs of revising your Will. More details