Extraordinary Care Fund

The Extraordinary Care Fund is available to caregivers who receive the Orphan’s Benefit or Unsupported Child’s Benefit (UCB) and have a child who is:

  • showing promise through high achievement for a particular skill or talent; or
  • experiencing difficulties that are impacting on their development. For example, a child with learning or behavioural difficulties who would benefit from participation in a particular course or activity.

There have been some changes to the Extraordinary Care Fund recently. Now, you can apply for a grant from the fund anytime during the year, we will keep your application for one of the three funding rounds we have during the year. The fund also pays retrospectively, so don’t worry if you have to pay for something before applying for a grant.

If you apply before:You will hear back from us by:
15 February 201929 March 2019
1 June 20192 August 2019
18 October 20193 December 2019

You can receive up to $2,000 per child each year between 1 July – 30 June.

Decisions about whether to award a grant are based on the needs of the child, rather than their family’s financial situation.

Applying for sports or arts costs under $1,000

Another change, to make the application process simpler, is that for sports or arts costs under $1,000, you only need to provide proof of the costs you’re applying for. You don’t need to provide a letter of support.

More Information and to Register

There are new guidelines for costs on the Work and Income website to help you know how much you can apply for.

For more information and the application form, click here.

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