Congratulations to Tracy and Phil Inwood

2018 Excellence in Foster Care Award recipients.


Tracy and Phil have been caregivers in Christchurch for 19 years. In their time as caregivers, they have had over 100 children in their care. They have offered emergency, respite, short and long-term care, often making themselves available for placements with not much notice.

Tracy and Phil have been described as laidback yet sensitive, which results in children of all ages being able to relate to them. They offer the children great role models to look up to and are delighted to be able to maintain connections with the children they have cared for.

Social workers say Tracy and Phil offer children the “freedom and opportunities to demonstrate positive behaviours” through their non-judgmental and empathetic position, with Tracy in particular, able to draw on her extensive experience in the primary school system.

No matter how difficult the situation or challenging the child, Tracy and Phil can always look to the positives, especially within the qualities of the child. They are very humble and practical; as social workers have said, Tracy and Phil always make their role sound “easy”.



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