Congratulations to Janice Goodgame

2018 Excellence in Foster Care Award recipients.


Janice has been a caregiver for 16 years. She has had four young people in her care while also taking on short term placements throughout this time.

She began caregiving after being inspired by another caregiver. Janice is a loving and committed foster carer who goes out of her way to ensure the children in her care have every opportunity to reach their full potential. She is patient and consistent in her support of the young people in her care.

Janice is described as quiet, confident and enthusiastic. She is an active member of the Otautahi Foster Care Association and has become a role model in her community, overcoming tremendous personal challenges, including the devastation of the Canterbury earthquakes, moving to and from Tauranga and the loss of her husband Kevin.

The young people in her care describe being loved unconditionally and feeling no difference between themselves and her birth children. They talk about the family losing their home after the earthquakes and living in a tent but not feeling scared because Janice made it fun. They are thankful to have been placed with Janice and call her mum.



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