Congratulations to Sharon and Gary Richardson

2017 Excellence in Foster Care Award recipients.

There was no shortage of people ready to come forward and say why Sharon and Gary deserve an award.

They’ve been described as “simply phenomenal in every way,” for their outstanding foster care, and all they do to mentor and support foster carers needing respite, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren and as ambassadors for Barnardos.

Reflecting on a time she knew she was making a difference, Sharon says “this girl that I had, I got her when she was six. She had no friends at school. She wasn’t teased but she just had no friends. And I said to her well look you’ve got to learn to be nice to people and caring, and talk nicely to them and you will have friends.”

Sharon continues, “and I used to put my arm around her and tell her this on quite a regular basis and at the end of the year she came and sat with me on the end on the couch and put her arm around me and she said I’m so glad you told me that because I’ve got friends now.”

Sharon adds, “they just learn so quickly and progress so quickly when you treat them right I find.”

With four children of their own, Sharon and Gary have been happy to care for over 130 children of all ages and needs. Dedicated to the growth and learning of each child, they take special care to understand their individual needs, talents, interests and challenges.

Known for their warmth and humour, they say they thrive on seeing children learn and develop and love the energy children bring to their home.

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