Congratulations to Rose Bennett

2017 Excellence in Foster Care Awards recipient.

Rose Bennett says she’s always had a passion for children – and knew in her heart she could make a difference to their lives.

Ross with Caregiver Social Worker Jeawoo Jung

She first became a foster mother in the 1980s. Then, after a break, she signed up again in 2009. Since then she’s fostered more than 60 children and young people. She has the permanent care of one of her children.

When asked what keeps her motivated, Rose’s answer is simple: “The love, the love from these children.”

“These little ones come to you, they’re so scared, timid, frightened. And when they give you that first smile, that first cuddle, it’s just amazing.”

Rose is known for her ability to care for children who are living with neurological challenges such as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Rose sees the person ahead of their diagnosis, allowing her to tailor the care she provides to best suit their needs.

Her nomination included letters from three of her children. They all wrote – “Mum, I love you to the moon and back.”

Rose next to the playground she had built for her children


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