Congratulations to Ann and Ron Giles

2017 Excellence in Foster Care Award recipients.

Invercargill couple Ann and Ron Giles have been caring for children and young people for around 45 years.

Friends and colleagues in the caregiving world say they have an uncanny ability to connect with those they care for.

With a combination of unconditional love and clear boundaries, then have succeeded in breaking the inter-generational cycle of abuse – on numerous occasions – and now play an active grandparenting role in the lives of children whose parents came into their home.

Ann and Ron are described as being quiet and humble people. But, those whose lives they’ve touched have no trouble singing their praises. Their letter of application was accompanied by no fewer than ten emotionally charged letters of recommendation.

Amongst those who wrote letters – Shelley Crane – who came to the Giles’ home as a troubled teen.

“I really totally credit Ann and Ron for teaching me the meaning of love,” she says.

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