Clothing Allowance

In this year’s budget $104.9m of new operating funding over the next four years is earmarked to provide a clothing allowance for children on the Orphan’s Benefit or Unsupported Child’s Benefit.  It will be paid at the same rate as the clothing allowance provided for children in foster care.

This funding was approved a couple of years ago and is finally ready for introduction.  The new allowance comes into effect on July 1, 2018.

If you receive the Unsupported Child’s Benefit or Orphan’s Benefit you will automatically get the new Clothing Allowance for the child or children in your care.

This is a non-taxable weekly payment, with the rate dependent on the age of the child or children.

Age of child: Weekly rate:
0-4 $20.14
5-9 $22.83
10-13 $28.19
14+ $33.84

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