Meet Christine Williams – our training coordinator

If you’ve booked in for training with Fostering Kids NZ, you may have already had the pleasure of dealing with our training coordinator Christine Williams.

Christine is responsible for organising the schedule, monitoring registrations, responding to enquiries, and keeping in touch with caregivers, social workers and other interested parties.

We sat down with Christine to learn a little more about what makes her tick:

Christine (R) speaking at a recent event. Training and Support Manager Stephanie James-Sadler looking on.

What is your favourite thing about this job?

I’m passionate about training and supporting caregivers. When I saw the job advertised, I thought “this is the one for me.” I just wanted to work for an organisation that helps and supports people.

What would you say is the main thing you’ve learnt in the job in the last five years?

I’ve learnt so much about the whole world of fostering. My best friend growing up was a foster child – but I just didn’t understand the complexities of it all. I’ve also learnt a lot about scheduling – it is not as easy as you might first think!

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

My husband brings me a cup of tea every morning, sun, rain or hail. It started 23 years ago when I was pregnant and had morning sickness – and he’s continued ever since.

What about the last thing before you go to bed?

We shut up downstairs, say good night to the cat, then go and brush our teeth together as a family. We giggle and chat in the bathroom – jostling for the sink. It is a fun routine.


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