Changes to the Extraordinary Care Fund Criteria

For those members who receive an Unsupported Child Benefit (UCB) or Orphans Benefit you may apply to the Extraordinary Care Fund for certain activities/items to assist in the care of your child/young person.  The process for this has not been easy for busy caregivers to manage and the Ministry of Social Development have been working on some exciting improvements.

  1. When applying for Extraordinary Care Fund you no longer need to have an appointment with a Case Manager. You will simply be able to drop it off at your local Work and Income office or in the post.
  2. You will be able to apply at any time throughout the year so if you miss one Panel meeting your application will automatically be presented at the next meeting.
  3. In some circumstances you may not be required to provide as much supporting evidence as previously required.

The Ministry of Social Development are working toward further improvements to make the application process as user friendly as possible. We will keep you informed.  For further information please visit the Website here.


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