Caring Families Aotearoa

With much research, discussions, planning and professional advice over the last few years, Fostering Kids NZ launched our subsidiary, Caring Families Aotearoa (CFA) at the Fostering Kids NZ conference last month.

CFA is a not for profit company, which will deliver support and training to caregivers based on Levels of Integrated Family Therapy (LIFT), a model that has been developed by Linda Surtees (CEO, Fostering Kids NZ) and her team. Our vision is that “every care family is empowered, supported and trained to provide a secure and healing home”, says Linda. “Fostering Kids NZ will continue in its current role of supporting and advocating for caregivers”

Linda has been sharing the LIFT model over the past year with caregivers and Oranga Tamariki. “It is a strong model of support and training for caregivers so that children are cared for in a therapeutic environment by those people that spend the most time with them, you their caregivers.”

As you may be aware, from previous Snippets, Sally Moffatt (Programme Manager) and Rob Surtees (Senior Therapist) have been testing a therapeutic programme over the past few months with positive results.  We are confident that the programme we have chosen, to sit within the LIFT model will support caregivers to care for children with challenging behaviours and provide healing for the children.  Through this programme the children are helped to feel safe so that they can recover from past trauma or distress and help them to fulfill their developmental potential.

We look forward to sharing the progress of Caring Families Aotearoa with you over the coming months.

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