From the CEO’s desk: Linda’s June message to you

Here at National Office, we’ve spent the last week absorbing the details of the budget announcements targeted at the caregiving community.

It is great to see the new investment in caregiver support-$26.4 million over four years. Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says the money will be spent on:

  • support for around 4,500 caregivers
  • help for those caring for higher needs children
  • targeted training for existing caregivers
  • a 24/7 support service to deliver crisis response
  • recruitment of a larger, more diverse group of caregivers.

Budget questions

We understand-many of our caregiver members have specific questions about how this support package will impact on your daily lives. A number of you have asked:

  • will this mean board and other payments will rise?
  • will I be able to access respite care?
  • will it be easier to get specialist services for my child or children?
  • will there be more support to ensure I can help the child or children in my care maintain whanau links?

We’ve asked our colleagues at Oranga Tamariki to provide more detail about exactly how this money will be spent. As soon as they do-we’ll update you on the Fostering Kids NZ Facebook page – and of course in next month’s edition of Snippets.

Oranga Tamariki’s new National Manager – Care and Protection

Sandra Coleman, Oranga Tamariki’s National Manager – Care and Protection – with CEO Linda Surtees

It was my pleasure to host Sandra Coleman, Oranga Tamariki’s new National Manager of Care and Protection at National Office late last month.

Sandra has a background in operations at the old Child, Youth and Family. We look forward to working with her to improve outcomes for the children and young people in our care-by making sure caregivers get the best possible support.

Thanks to our fundraising team

You may not realise this, but without the efforts of our dedicated fundraising team, Fostering Kids NZ could not hope to continue in our current form. Donations make up more than half of our annual budget!

Suzanne Johnson

Our fundraising manager Suzanne Johnson works tirelessly to ensure we continue to attract donations from existing and new financial supporters.

Lynda McGregor

Such is the scale of the job, we’ve recently enlisted a new team member, Lynda McGregor, to support Suzanne in this crucial part of our work.

This month I want to acknowledge the commitment of our fundraising team. Thanks for everything you do!

Thanks also to our financial supporters. Without your generosity-it would not be possible for us to continue all our work-supporting caregivers to provide safe and nurtuting homes.

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